Advisory Services for Outsourcing with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Recent, advances in digital technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics are having profound influence on all facets of business. This includes Outsourcing. Specifically, Robotic Process Automation or RPA mimics human actions through software robots or bots. Bots can take over some of the functions your offshore staff is doing now. This opens up opportunities to go beyond traditional outsourcing and gain further benefits. But RPA, like any new transformative technology, has its challenges. How do you keep up with rapid changes? How do you separate hype from reality? Is it feasible in your environment? How do you select a vendor who meets your particular needs? How do you select right RPA candidates? What is the business case? How do you identify and manage risks? We provide advisory services to develop right strategies to address challenges and capture business value from “Outsourcing with RPA’.



Launching Outsourcing with RPA

We will help you put the right strategy, avoid pitfalls and assure long term success. To begin with, we will examine what can be automated using RPA and what needs to be outsourced. We will then help develop a road map and help you implement.


Optimizing Outsourcing with RPA

We will help you improve benefits and/or fix up your outsourcing operation. In addition to 360 degree assessment, we will explore RPA feasibility. We will provide recommendations and guide implementation to achieve success.


Now that you want to go for RPA, find out realities on the ground!

There is so much hype about RPA. This article helps you understand on the ground realities. 


Feb-17-2018 Read more

Artificial Intelligence for the Real World

In this article, we’ll look at the various categories of AI being employed and provide a framework for how companies should begin to build up their cognitive capabilities in the next several years to achieve their business objectives.

Source: "Harvard Business Review"
Feb-19-2018 Read more

Seven Things everyone engaged in Offshore Outsourcing must know to address budget overruns

By far the most common reason for hiring offshore service providers is to save money--often, a lot of money. Yet surprisingly often those big savings turn into nickels and dimes. "I don't know what happened," one outsourcing manager told me recently, "but we've gone at least 25% over budget for the past six Quarters. This whole program is out of control."

Feb-14-2018 Read more

Offshoring Challenges: Attracting and Retaining Staff

Many companies are finding that high turnover in their offshore support team is creating disappointing results. You’ve invested valuable U.S. staff time to train your offshore team and put in a lot of hard work to do trial runs. When several months have passed, you conclude that your offshore team understands your issues, so you reassign and/or remove staff at your U.S. location. After all, you cannot afford to duplicate staff forever! But not long after you make this move, you learn that the key staff members and/or team leads dedicated to your offshore effort have left the offshore team!

Jan-31-2018 Read more

Beyond the basics driving innovation in outsourcing (Source: IRPA)

Outsourcing is quickly moving away from the offshoring and labor arbitrage models that have been effective in the past. In their place is innovation. Companies are using new technologies to improve productivity and cost-effectiveness with the local workforce. Automation is becoming the most important of these technologies and currently accounts for over 10% of annual GDP growth worldwide.1  As technology improves, automation will almost certainly become even more dominant, allowing companies to multiply the productivity of the onshore workforce. 

Source: IRPA

Feb-19-2018 Read more

Managing Offshore Outsourcing - Does Your Offshore Operation Need a Health Check?

Let's reduce costs by going offshore with some development or service functions! The board and management agree to set up offshore activities in a place like India, China, Russia, Slovenia, or Bulgaria. Time passes. Everyone is happy. Right? Well, maybe.
Many companies are finding that their goals are not being met in a consistent way. Issues creep into the picture. These issues are really symptoms of deeper problems. Issues that frequently arise are:

Jan-31-2018 Read more

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